Posted by: thirstnomore | December 9, 2008

Hebrews 5:8

“Although he (Jesus) was a son he learned obedience through what he suffered.” 

I find so much comfort in this text.  If Jesus, God, the Son of God, the second person of the Trinity, needed to learn obedience through what he suffered… obscurity, poverty, mockery, stabbed side, thorn-crown, nail-pierced hands and feet, death, rejection… why don’t I?

The road of obedience is suffering.  The road of the Christian life is suffering, taking up our cross, dying to self, and following Jesus.  Why do I run from suffering, medicate suffering, buy off suffering, as if it is random and useless?  What if this Christmas we embrace our suffering knowing that God, our good, heavenly daddy, is after our obedience and joy through our suffering?

God is more concerned with our holiness than our comfort.  I hope we can see things differently this Christmas as we receive our risen King!



  1. Ok – I sooooooooooo wish that this was my response to suffering but (sigh), it isn’t. I absolutely HATE suffering. I know my mindset should be different but I haven’t been able to shake my loathing of suffering and loss.

    One thing that I do appreciate is when God brings me through suffering, like you said, Ryan, it’s not for nothing. THANK GOD that He does have a purpose in everything and that He doesn’t waste one single tear.

    But….boy do I have a long way to go!

  2. Jesus himself despised the shame of the cross, and begged to be released from the suffereing that he knew was to come. I find great comfort in that. If Christ himself suffered, submitting to do what the Father wanted, but wanted there to be “some other way”, then does he condemn me when I want there to be an easier road? Even Christ pleased not himself, so I no longer feel condemned when I struggle against suffering but come to the place of submission and obedience–to do the will of the Father–in the end.

    Plus much of what we suffer is the result of sin, not necessarily our own, but the result of sin entering the world, and I believe that while God uses this and draws close to us in our suffering, that there is something in us that protests these things because in some deep place we know that this is not as things were intended to be. That is just my opinion.

    In the garden there was no suffering, but sweet communion as God walked with man. What messed that up is sin. The result of sin brought illness, toil, struggle, hatred, poverty, greed, cruelty, miscarriages, death and loss. While I struggle, I know that much of what I suffer is not some personal retaliation for sin, but is the result of living in a fallen world and is allowed for the testing of my patience, my faith and to grow me.

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