Posted by: thirstnomore | December 31, 2008

Bible Reading Plan

Here is the Bible reading plan I use for my daily time with God.  It will help you as you pray to have a plan for reading the Bible that will not bore you.  It takes you though the OT one time, Psalms two times, and the NT two times in a year. 

The goal is to read daily and journal what you see, think, feel, are convicted by, and what questions do you have from the text? If you miss a day don’t worry about going back until later.  The point is not legalism, the point is communion with God.  Get the big picture of the scriptures and let it read you. Have fun!


Extra help on prayer from message:

1.  Plan a time to pray.  If you don’t schedule a time it will not happen.  Be consistent with time and place.

2.  Read the Bible while you pray.  Your mind will wander and it gives you things to pray about and reflect on in prayer.  The Bible will also help you pray more consistently with God’s will. Pray a little, read a little, pray, read, etc.

3.  Pray in concentric circles:  start with inner (self) confession, holiness, praise, humility, etc.  Family, church, mission of church aorund the world, others, and needs in the world (politics, war, famine, etc.).

Hope this helps…



  1. Hey – thanks for this! Jim & I are both looking for something different, quiet-time wise. We’re stoked to try it!

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